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Unwritten Rules of Sports…But for Bowling?

Being an avid sports fan, I understand there are certain “unwritten” rules of each sport that players adhere to, and we are reminded of them when a particular player breaks one. This I understand.

I know in baseball you don’t bunt to break up a perfect game or no-hitter. Just ask Nolan Ryan. Or you don’t run across the pitcher’s mound. Just ask Alex Rodriguez.

In football, do not try to be physical when the other team is in the victory formation to seal the game, as Greg Schiano was emphatically told by Tom Coughlin.

In college basketball, if you are the 11th and 12th men on the team, you are to jump up and greet players coming in for a time-out no matter what the score is. Oh, and stand on the periphery of the huddle during said time-out. I’m looking at you, the 5-foot, 8-inch, 150-pound fourth-string forward.

But, until recently, I did not realize how intensive the “unwritten rules” are for bowling. And I don’t just mean the obvious, like Don’t bowl when the bowler on either side of you is about to. And no obnoxious yelling or carrying on while someone is lining up their throw (or is it a roll?). Bowling is a gentleman’s game, contrary to what we learned in the movie King Pin.

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Poll: Can I wear Nationals logo gear at a Reds-Pirates game?

I need a ruling from BTBNL fans. I’m going to Pittsburgh this weekend with my friend who works for the Nationals, and we’re going to all three Red-Pirates games. The question is, can I wear my Nats logo gear to these games?

This issue first came up on BTBNL in Jeremy Soule’s post, “Don’t Be a Douche: Dress for Success at Your Sporting Event,” in which Jeremy says, “You can’t call someone a douche just because he’s wearing the gear of your team’s chief rival into your stadium, yet you can call that same person a douche if their team isn’t even playing your team that day.”

My own post on baseball fan etiquette identifies this error:

Wearing your favorite team’s gear to a game between two other teams. (Exception: one of those teams is an arch-rival.) True baseball fans go for the joy of the game, not the opportunity to make a petty statement of loyalty to the ambivalent. Casual fans will have more fun at the ballpark if they root, root, root for the home team. (E-5 if you miss the reference.)”

Paul Caputo, on the other hand, once wrote a post called “Fans: Wear What You Want to Wear,” in which he says:

I have to disagree with my fellow bloggers—as disrespectfully as possible—that it is a violation of the unwritten rules of baseball fandom to wear a Phillies hat to a Rockies-Mets game. I think it’s the only appropriate course of action for a true fan. If you don’t wear your favorite team’s gear, you have two choices: 1. Wear the home team’s gear. (Disingenuous.) 2. Wear no logo gear. (What’s the point?)

QUESTION: Can I wear any Nats gear since Washington is fighting Cincinnati for the best record in the NL and home-field advantage throughout the play-offs? Does that battle make the two teams “rivals” for at least right now?

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Why You Love the Sports You Do

“Why do you like baseball so much? It’s so slow and boring.”

Your Mom is slow and boring

Yeah, yeah.

Every seamhead in the world has gotten this question more than once. We’re not the only fans that have had to defend our sport. Here are some other greatest hits:

“Why do you like hockey? It’s all about fighting.”

“Why do you like football? It’s violent, dangerous, and the players are stupid.”

“Why do you like basketball? The players are all showboats and they just care about their image.”

“Why do you like soccer? There’s no scoring and the players are all flopping primadonnas.”

Well, I’ve got great news.

To answer all your sport’s haters that ask you these questions, I’m about to give you real-life parallels about why these sports are all great.

Except soccer.

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