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Bobby Valentine: Game Show Host or Crazy Like a Fox?

What, me worry?

Two Boston Red Sox fans. Two opposing views on new manager Bobby Valentine. Here at the BTBNL Thunderdome, it’s always “two men enter, one man leaves.”


This guy has been a flamboyant asshole his entire career. But let’s start with the numbers before I get to the conjecture:

  • Managed for 16 years in the Majors (9 of these were winning seasons; and yeah, I’ll go ahead and include the 2012 Boston Red Sox as a losing season thus far)
  • 1121 W, 1082 L
  • Has never won Manager of the Year (he finished 2nd in voting for his 1986 Texas Rangers team)
  • His Rangers and Mets teams never finished 1st in their division
  • 1 pennant – 2000 NL (finished 2nd in NL East behind Atlanta)
  • Career highlight: Fired by George W. Bush in 1992

He appears to be a slightly-above-average MLB manager on paper. Conjecture? Bobby Valentine does not seem to be liked by the players wherever he’s gone.

Boston has now gone from a player-friendly manager in Terry Francona who adeptly managed the insane Boston sports media, never threw a player under the bus, and kept the clubhouse even-keeled (if not sometimes too lax) so the players could do their job, to Bobby Valentine, who wants the media to quote him at every turn and threw Kevin Youkilis under the bus in the first week of the regular season. The fans have already turned on him for riling up their favorite player (Pedroia), and he’s already mismanaged Daniel Bard’s talents to a criminal level.

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Baseball Predictions with Durriken Zoltar (first half)

Prognosticator Durriken Zoltar (photo by Spencer Desmond)

I am Durriken Zoltar, and I see the future as clearly as you see the past. My mind is full of events to come, and I must purge these visions, lest I burst like a rotten melon. I honor BTBNL and you with my foresight. I give you baseball events for the first half of 2012 now, and you will see my brilliance later. You need not tell me how much you will enjoy this. I already know. Please, no betting.

4 April (Post-International Opening Day, Pre-Western Hemisphere Opening Day Night): Marlins homer in the bottom of the first. Home run monstrosity causes mass panic, induces epileptic fits, and makes Baby Jesus cry.

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