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Spin City Pitches for First Place

Washington, DC, is a very confused town right now⎯more so then usual, I mean.

What the Curly W is going on around here?

Ten inches of snow fell in parts of Maryland, and winds whipped an April Nor’easter up the New England coast.

A Virginian woman won the $1 million lottery twice—in the same day!

A shuttle from Space buzzed the Washington Monument at the exact same moment* an astro mini-van exploded over (where else?) the Sierra Nevada as invading alien soccer Moms just miss* Area 51.

Mitt Romney agreed with President Obama‘s plan on student loans but did not back a potential running-mate’s immigration plan. (Wow!? Mitt Romney took a stand!*)

(Turns out, however, that Sarah Palin could not actually see Moby Iceberg the Great White Killer Whale from her house….)

Sarah, help a blubber out and point me toward Russia.












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A Punxsutawney Land-Beaver is Screwing Washington, D.C.

I am Punxsutawney land-beaver. Hear me chitter.

Ah, Groundhog’s Day, when our favorite predictable little tree-cutter emerges for the media after another long, dormant winter of being ignored. Every year, he can’t help but chitter at all the attention. This is his time. This is his show. What will he do now? What signal will he send? Shenanigans ensue. A riveted nation can’t look away as a dubious method prompts baseless guidance to support questionable planning. Chicanery abounds.

NFL free agency begins in six weeks, and Dan Snyder is a busy land-beaver.*

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