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I was ten years old when Ray Lewis—a middle linebacker out of the University of Miami (FL) was drafted. He was the second of two first-round draft picks that the Baltimore Ravens had that year. The first was spent on Jonathan Ogden, who is also a lock for the National Football Hall of Fame. I have grown up watching Ray Lewis and this entry is my thanks to him as a fan.

Fast-forwarding 17 years and the news of Ray Lewis retiring caught me a little blind-sided—see what I did there, with the Michael Oher connection? Lewis was not supposed to retire…was he? I mean, I guess I knew he had to retire sometime, but the way he played, kept himself in shape, motivated the team, and provided inspiration for countless other football players I naively thought would be the elixir that kept him young and playing. But, as they say “all good things must come to an end.”

Ray Lewis#52

Ray Lewis

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Dante’s Paterno

Engraving from the newly-discovered Dante's Paterno


THE WOODS — A rare engraving was discovered in “the woods” recently. The artwork depicts an encounter between a mountain lion and what historians believe to be the late Penn State football coach, Joe Paterno.

Early reports indicated that the illustration was intended for a work by Dante Aligheri. The lost draft, know to the literary world as simply Dante’s Paterno, was the first in a series (Paterno, Purgatorio, Paradiso). The work was later published as Inferno.

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Icepicks in the Gut: The Worst Ways to Lose

Patriots 23, Ravens 20

Like most Patriots fans, I assumed the horrific New England secondary would be putting Tom Brady down 4 points with about a minute to play.

Little did I know, Billy Cundiff’s blown FG would eclipse Tony Romo’s hold and Scott Norwood’s wide right.

The latter two guys can be (somewhat?) excused. Norwood’s 47-yarder was no gimme, and Romo was holding instead of the punter because… well, I don’t even know.

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