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World Series picks! We got your World Series picks!

If you bet a lot of money based on our picks at the beginning of the playoffs, you’re not very likely to be reading this now. But think of the bright side, if you bet a lot of money based on our picks, then you learned a valuable lesson about the evils of gambling. And if you went with Blogger Jon’s picks, you’re actually 6 for 8 so far. Then again, if you went with Blogger Rob’s picks, you went oh-fer and you have the Rangers and Braves in the World Series.

Anyway, we’re at it again, because, as we’ve mentioned before, we’re bloggers and it is the law. Seriously, we’re just barely skirting by because we don’t call our picks something stupid like “Rock-Solid, Stone-Pipe, Lead-Cold Lock Picks of Forever!”

We’ve had pretty good luck picking the Tigers thus far, and 6 out of 10 of us went that way again. This time, we’ve each provided a one-sentence defense of our picks, or at least random thoughts about whatever. Anyway, here we go:

Paul: Tigers in 5
Because the Giants used up all of their pitchers (and magic Hunter Pence triple-hit knuckleball swings) just to get this far.

Amy: Tigers
Because the undercat deserves to win, and because I win an ice cream helmet sundae (sans helmet) if my WS prediction comes true. [Editor’s note: We’re assuming “undercat” means “heavy favorite,” since that’s what Detroit is.]

Jon: Tigers
Please refer to my original playoff predictions, which are still redeemable for cash money.

Tom: Tigers in 4
Because I became a Tigers fan at the age of 7 in 1984, was too young to appreciate their championship that year and have spent every year since desperately hoping for this day… Also, because I have tickets to Game 4.

Matt: Giants in 6
Because every break and close call will go San Francisco’s way, and piss off the rest of the sports world to no end.

Jeff W: Giants
Because, unless it’s the Phillies, I always root for the NL, the champion of which is the true best team in (real) baseball.

Phillip: Tigers in 6
Verlander wins Games 1 and 5 and Giants luck of being on brink of elimination and winning the series ends against a Cabrera-Fielder-Verlander triumvirate…I wanted to use the word triumvirate in a sports email and I did!

Josh: Giants in 8.
Now that would be a real world series. Same reason as Jeff W.

Ron: Tigers in 6
Because Justin Verlander has only given up one earned run or fewer in 6 of of his 7 last outings and can take 2 to 3 games without his team needing to score more than 2 runs.

Jeremy: Giants
Because they aren’t a flyover state.

The Orioles Are (Were) in First Place. Is the World Ending?

(Written by a diehard, child-like believer, will-go-to-a-game-when-suffering-from-kidney-stones, fanatical fan of the Baltimore Orioles)

If one had told me before this spring that the Orioles would be in 1st place in the American League (AL) East at this time of year, I would have wanted to believe you. Truly, I would. Yet, a part of me would think if you were truly sincere about that than you also believed the world was ending in December 2012.

Every spring I hold to the conviction that this is the year the Baltimore Orioles turn it around. I hold to that belief every spring, like a youngster to Santa Claus. Then about June 1st the realization kicks in that the Orioles won’t turn it around and we are headed toward the bottom of the AL East again; kinda like the kid who wakes up in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve and notices his parents eating Santa’s cookies.

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Red Sox thumbing their noses at new season

Two days before Opening Day – a chance for the Boston Red Sox to officially move on from their late-season misery of 2011 and subsequent locker room and front-office shakeup – another clubhouse scandal is brewing.

Starting pitcher Josh Beckett and newly acquired closer Andrew Bailey both are suffering from thumb injuries; Bailey’s may keep him out of action for significant time, and the extent of Beckett’s injury is unknown. Both pitchers were scheduled to visit a specialist in Cleveland this week.

Anything goes inside this ring in the Red Sox clubhouse.

A source in the Red Sox clubhouse said the injuries stem from a new clubhouse addiction – thumb wrestling.

“Once Bobby [Valentine] took over this spring, he pretty much killed the whole beer and chicken thing,” the source said. “So now you’ve got a bunch of pitchers who can’t get drunk, can’t eat and have nothing to do all spring after they get their work in. This was pretty much the only thing left.”

Beckett declined comment to the media, and Bailey was not available this week. The source said that 5-7 pitchers were involved in a thumb wrestling “league” and that they’d even taken up somewhat permanent residence in front of the lockers of a few minor leaguers.

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Why You Love the Sports You Do

“Why do you like baseball so much? It’s so slow and boring.”

Your Mom is slow and boring

Yeah, yeah.

Every seamhead in the world has gotten this question more than once. We’re not the only fans that have had to defend our sport. Here are some other greatest hits:

“Why do you like hockey? It’s all about fighting.”

“Why do you like football? It’s violent, dangerous, and the players are stupid.”

“Why do you like basketball? The players are all showboats and they just care about their image.”

“Why do you like soccer? There’s no scoring and the players are all flopping primadonnas.”

Well, I’ve got great news.

To answer all your sport’s haters that ask you these questions, I’m about to give you real-life parallels about why these sports are all great.

Except soccer.

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Taking a Stick to Pineda

Michael Pineda / New York Yankees (Pop Art: Townsend/BTBNL)


NEW YORK — Time to have some fun with the New York Yankees’ soon-to-be stud pitcher, Michael Pineda. After all, prodding is a New York ritual of love and respect. This time, the roast will have a twist — and you’re going to LOVE IT.

I’m taking a stick to Pineda, NOT because I think it makes good street sense to pick a fight with a 6′ 7″ 260-pound Dominican. I don’t have a death wish, thank you.

NOT SIMPLY because I’m a fan of the Evil Empire. That’s right, I won’t miss having Jesus in my life any longer.

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