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The Inaccurate Reception

Unlike other sports blogs, only BTBNL has the courage to a.) take on hot topics like the controversial call that gave the Seahawks a victory over the Packers Monday night, and b.) do it after everyone else has stopped caring and moved on to other topics. That’s the kind of quality journalism that explains why we have gotten fewer hits in the site’s entire history than pictures of Pokemons drawn as sexy Anime girls or Overly Attached Girlfriend got in the last 10 minutes.

Touchdown! Or maybe not.

It’s important to send a message not to bow to peer pressure, like everyone else in the country thinking you were wrong about it being a touchdown.

BTBNL set up an exclusive live chat session to answer questions from its literally hundreds of avid readers who do not technically exist. BTBNL Grand Poobah Paul Caputo decided that the best person to give a reasoned, unbiased response to all these reader questions was the site’s lone Seattle blogger resident/sportsfan, me. Which should tell you all you need to know about Paul Caputo’s editorial judgement.

BTBNL Blogger Jeff from Seattle: Hi everyone! Looking forward to answering your questions about the exciting Seahawks win from last night. Here we go!

BTBNL Reader Neil from Chalfont, PA: What should the NFL do after such a terrible call ruined the game by giving the Seahawks an undeserved win on an purported Hail Mary touchdown from Russell Wilson to Golden Tate that was really an interception by M.D. Jennings?

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Why You Love the Sports You Do

“Why do you like baseball so much? It’s so slow and boring.”

Your Mom is slow and boring

Yeah, yeah.

Every seamhead in the world has gotten this question more than once. We’re not the only fans that have had to defend our sport. Here are some other greatest hits:

“Why do you like hockey? It’s all about fighting.”

“Why do you like football? It’s violent, dangerous, and the players are stupid.”

“Why do you like basketball? The players are all showboats and they just care about their image.”

“Why do you like soccer? There’s no scoring and the players are all flopping primadonnas.”

Well, I’ve got great news.

To answer all your sport’s haters that ask you these questions, I’m about to give you real-life parallels about why these sports are all great.

Except soccer.

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