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NFL Playoffs & SWOT Analysis Revisited

Lombardi TrophyOn November 8th, I wrote an NFL mid-season review and playoff prediction based on SWOT analysis.  Let’s see how I did, and then let’s see if I can accurately predict these playoffs in a similar fashion:

I guessed the following teams would make the playoffs after the first 9 weeks: Atlanta, Houston, Chicago, Baltimore, San Francisco, New York Giants, Green Bay, New England, Denver, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, and Seattle.  I missed on the Redskins (finished 7-0), Vikings (finished 5-2), and Bengals (finished 7-1).  So, I got 9-out-of-12 right midway through the season (75%.)  To be honest, I am not sure if that is good or bad.  Some might argue that it’s easy to predict at least 75% of playoff contenders after 8 games, and I don’t really have a basis to argue against that since it was my first time doing it.  But let’s looks at each one, (including the 3 I didn’t give credit to) and see where I was right and wrong.

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Here We Go Again – More Racist Tweets Targeting Joel Ward

Washington Capitals' winger Joel Ward

First, the bad news: Capitals winger Joel Ward has been hit with another flurry of racist Tweets.

The good news: I get to do more racist profiling, and this time it seems the Tweeters aren’t Bruins fans or Bostonians.

More bad news: it appears many of the racist Tweeters in this case are actually Caps fans.




To recap, Ward committed a bad penalty – his first penalty, reportedly, since February – at the end of regulation during Game 5 against the Rangers Tuesday night. The ensuing Rangers power play produced the winning goal and a 3-2 loss for the Capitals.

To be sure, it was a BAD penalty; Ward basically wacked a Rangers player in the face while jockeying for position after a faceoff, and he cut the guy’s mouth open. So I can understand people getting upset, and he certainly deserves some criticism for a boneheaded play.

But good lord, it’s got nothing to do with race, so don’t use the “N” word like these turds did.


Game 5 Racists


On one hand, it’s good to see that racist hockey fans aren’t concentrated in the Boston or New England area. On the other hand, I feel compelled to point out the volume of racist Tweets following Game 5 is significantly smaller than what occurred after Game 7 against the Bruins (see Meet The Racist Bruins Fans Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 for more). So there you have it.

This poor guy….I mean, he’s been the epitome of class and dignity given what’s happened over the last few weeks.  And this is the treatment he gets?

I’m not going to take this opportunity to gloat and turn this against all the Capitals’ fans who bashed Boston and Bruins Nation for those awful Game 7 Tweets. Because quite frankly, we deserved it, and the true Caps fans out there don’t need me to give them grief.

No, I’m taking this opportunity to gear up for another Vendetta Ride.

Because i can’t stand fucking racists. And because Joel Ward deserves my support.

Saddle up.

Spin City Pitches for First Place

Washington, DC, is a very confused town right now⎯more so then usual, I mean.

What the Curly W is going on around here?

Ten inches of snow fell in parts of Maryland, and winds whipped an April Nor’easter up the New England coast.

A Virginian woman won the $1 million lottery twice—in the same day!

A shuttle from Space buzzed the Washington Monument at the exact same moment* an astro mini-van exploded over (where else?) the Sierra Nevada as invading alien soccer Moms just miss* Area 51.

Mitt Romney agreed with President Obama‘s plan on student loans but did not back a potential running-mate’s immigration plan. (Wow!? Mitt Romney took a stand!*)

(Turns out, however, that Sarah Palin could not actually see Moby Iceberg the Great White Killer Whale from her house….)

Sarah, help a blubber out and point me toward Russia.












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Why It’s (Still) Good to be a Patriots Fan

Before I begin my two-week sports media blackout (highly recommended for anyone whose team just lost a championship), I need to address two things.

1. 2011 was a very good year for the Patriots

I’m not going to whine about a 15-4 total record, an AFC championship, and an almost-but-not-quite Super Bowl appearance. Many in New England scoff at such numbers, given our experience with past championships. That’s not my take at all. I would have loved to have seen another Super Bowl win, but this loss doesn’t diminish my impression of this team. In many ways it reminded me of the beloved 2001 group: resilient and fundamental (except for when they sneak that 12-player formation in). It was easy to root for these guys. Now that it’s all over, I tip my cap and offer a hearty “yo soy fiesta.”

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Stay Classy, New England!

Anytime you can cut a guy 24 hours before the Super Bowl, you have to make that move.  Especially when it means a dedicated, focused, team-first guy like Chad Ochocinco can get another opportunity to show how much he is not Chad Johnson. Stay classy, Bill Belichick and company!

Story here, among other places.

Also, I am a Giants fan and am deathly afraid that Bad Eli is going to show up one more time this year.