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Spin City Pitches for First Place

Washington, DC, is a very confused town right now⎯more so then usual, I mean.

What the Curly W is going on around here?

Ten inches of snow fell in parts of Maryland, and winds whipped an April Nor’easter up the New England coast.

A Virginian woman won the $1 million lottery twice—in the same day!

A shuttle from Space buzzed the Washington Monument at the exact same moment* an astro mini-van exploded over (where else?) the Sierra Nevada as invading alien soccer Moms just miss* Area 51.

Mitt Romney agreed with President Obama‘s plan on student loans but did not back a potential running-mate’s immigration plan. (Wow!? Mitt Romney took a stand!*)

(Turns out, however, that Sarah Palin could not actually see Moby Iceberg the Great White Killer Whale from her house….)

Sarah, help a blubber out and point me toward Russia.












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