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30 Stadiums in 30 Days: It Can Be Done


It’s every baseball fan’s dream: the ultimate baseball road trip—30 Major League Baseball games in 30 days in 30 different stadiums—plus one extra minor league game we’ll squeeze in one evening in Brooklyn after we take in an afternoon Yankees game. I should be clear here that this road trip is hypothetical. It is physically possible to do, but if I actually tried to do it, I would end up divorced, broke, and unemployed. But make no mistake: It could be done, and it could be done this season.

Here’s how it breaks down: There are hypothetically four of us in a hypothetical 1999 Oldsmobile Bravada, so we can hypothetically rotate drivers and sleep in the car on the road in shifts as needed. Hypothetically. We are counting on four-hour games, and basing driving times and distances on information from Google Maps. On most nights, we’ll stay in hotels, but there are occasions when we’ll have to drive through the night, in some cases with very little margin for error. Let me be clear: WE WILL DO THIS FOR THE CAUSE.

If everything goes to plan, from August 12 to September 10, we will see one game per day (plus that one Brooklyn Cyclones game), we will drive 13,575 miles in 208 hours, and we won’t miss a single pitch. Here’s how it will go (driving distances and times to each stadium are in parentheses):

August 12 – Indians at Twins, 7:10
We start in Minneapolis, clean shaven and everyone smiling and laughing. The car does not yet smell like Tony Siragusa’s laundry hamper. Everything is good.

August 13 – Pirates at Cardinals, 7:15
(561 miles, 8:41)
We stay in a hotel and leave mid-morning to get to St. Louis in time for first pitch. Still fired up. A 30-day diet of encased meat and helmet sundaes still seems awesome.

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Predictions for the baseball postseason

We admit it. We whiffed on our preseason predictions for this baseball season. Most of us had the Marlins in the playoffs, so if our credibility isn’t shot after that, it never will be. Nevertheless, the playoffs start today and we are bloggers, so we are required by law to make predictions. Nine of us made picks, with the loose consensus being that the Tigers will beat the Reds in World Series. Our picks look like this when you tally them up:

AL Wildcard
over Orioles (3)

AL Divisional Series
YANKEES (5) over Rangers (2) (Orioles were picked twice)
TIGERS (5) over A’s (4)

AL Championship Series
TIGERS (5) over Yankees (0) (A’s got 3, Rangers 1)

NL Wildcard
BRAVES (6) over Cardinals (3)

NL Divisional Series
NATIONALS (5) over Braves (4)
REDS (5) over Giants (4)

NL Championship Series
REDS (4) over Nationals (2) (Giants 2, Braves 1)

World Series
over Reds (2) (A’s 1, Nationals 1, Rangers 1)


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Proof the “Worldwide Leader in Sports” Is Actually the “Myopic Bleating Sheep Bitch of the NFL”

Image credit to Rooch Nation

I turned on ESPN’s Sportscenter this morning for some mindless sporting highlights whilst* I ate my cereal. I tuned in around 7:25 AM toward the end of one of the shows, so ESPN’s shameful, possibly xenophobic, and most assuredly self-serving coverage of “worldwide sports” didn’t immediately hit me right between the eyes.

Let’s face it — we’re not at our best on Monday mornings, but even my bleary-eyed, post-gym self realized something was wrong after hearing Sportscenter’s iconic opening theme song and then looked up to see….”breaking news” on….the NFL’s “bounty” scandal. At first, I leaned forward thinking maybe something really significant MUST have happened since they are opening with the story…..

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Curly WTF Diamond Notes: Nationals 101

If you bet the over on 61.5 wins for your Washington Nationals at the 101 game mark, I regret to inform you that you lost your money. The Nats have only won 61 games and are merely tied for the best record in baseball with the streaking Cincinnati Reds, who hit the 61 win mark after a red hot ten straight wins.

Here’s a list of teams which do not have 61 wins: the Yankees (60 wins), Rangers (59), Braves (57), Tigers (54), Cardinals (54), Rays (53), Diamondbacks (51), Red Sox (51), Brewers (45), and Phillies (45). In other words, every team that made* the playoffs last year. (The Phillies had the best record in baseball in 2011 with 102 wins and won the NL East by 13 games–but now trail the Nats by 16.5 games.)

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Wait! Did I miss Opening Day?

For roughly 28 out of every 30 Major League Baseball fans, the season opens next week! Can you feel the buzz in the air? No? This is because for two teams the season opened while your team was still playing Spring Training games. This is also because the first games on the schedule took place in the wee hours of the morning more than 5,000 miles away from the home team’s actual home.

The Mariners and the Athletics played a two-game series this week in Tokyo—actual games that count in the actual standings (and your fantasy league)—while the rest of baseball continued with Spring Training. Then after these actual regular-season games in Japan, Seattle and Oakland will play more Spring Training games.

On April 4, a full week after the A’s and Mariners opened the season, two of the remaining 28 teams (Marlins and Cardinals) will open their seasons with a one-game series in Miami. The Red Sox, Tigers, Braves, Mets, Phillies, Pirates, Nationals, Cubs, Blue Jays, Indians, Reds, Dodgers, and Padres open their season the next day. And if you’re a fan of the White Sox, Rangers, Twins, Orioles, Yankees, Rays, Brewers, Rockies, Astros, Giants, D-backs, Royals, or Angels, your opening day is nine days after the season officially opened.

This begs the question, What the hell is going on here?

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