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Here We Go Again – More Racist Tweets Targeting Joel Ward

Washington Capitals' winger Joel Ward

First, the bad news: Capitals winger Joel Ward has been hit with another flurry of racist Tweets.

The good news: I get to do more racist profiling, and this time it seems the Tweeters aren’t Bruins fans or Bostonians.

More bad news: it appears many of the racist Tweeters in this case are actually Caps fans.




To recap, Ward committed a bad penalty – his first penalty, reportedly, since February – at the end of regulation during Game 5 against the Rangers Tuesday night. The ensuing Rangers power play produced the winning goal and a 3-2 loss for the Capitals.

To be sure, it was a BAD penalty; Ward basically wacked a Rangers player in the face while jockeying for position after a faceoff, and he cut the guy’s mouth open. So I can understand people getting upset, and he certainly deserves some criticism for a boneheaded play.

But good lord, it’s got nothing to do with race, so don’t use the “N” word like these turds did.


Game 5 Racists


On one hand, it’s good to see that racist hockey fans aren’t concentrated in the Boston or New England area. On the other hand, I feel compelled to point out the volume of racist Tweets following Game 5 is significantly smaller than what occurred after Game 7 against the Bruins (see Meet The Racist Bruins Fans Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 for more). So there you have it.

This poor guy….I mean, he’s been the epitome of class and dignity given what’s happened over the last few weeks.  And this is the treatment he gets?

I’m not going to take this opportunity to gloat and turn this against all the Capitals’ fans who bashed Boston and Bruins Nation for those awful Game 7 Tweets. Because quite frankly, we deserved it, and the true Caps fans out there don’t need me to give them grief.

No, I’m taking this opportunity to gear up for another Vendetta Ride.

Because i can’t stand fucking racists. And because Joel Ward deserves my support.

Saddle up.

Meet The Racist Bruins Fans, Part 3

One of the questions I’ve attempted to answer here is whether or not the people who Tweeted racist statements regarding the Capitals’ Joel Ward were in fact true Bruins fans and proper Bostonians. So far, after looking at 10 of the authors of those racist Tweets, it appears that most of them are what a sane and rational person would consider a Bruins fan (Editor’s Note: Part 2 of this series has been updated with new information).

The second question – where are these people from? — has produced more distressing but not entirely unexpected results. The collection so far includes Massachusetts towns like Plymouth, Attleboro, Danvers, Bolton and other regions well outside of Boston. In fact, we have Tweeters from New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Connecticut. So it seems that this is not just a Boston or even a Massachusetts problem but one that spans New England.

To be sure, not all of these Tweeters are from the area. As you’ll see below with Ryan Clifford, some folks had no affiliation whatsoever with the Bruins and just happened to be watching the game and suddenly felt compelled to blurt out racist comments regarding the outcome of a hockey game that really had no bearing on their lives. Which is just sad.

In any event, before we get to the next couple racist Tweets (due to time constraints, I was only able to get two for this installment), let’s turn our attention to one of the few Tweeters who issued an apology on their own.

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