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God help me, I love the Brooklyn Nets’ new logo

As everyone* knows, the NBA preseason has been under way for a couple days. That’s right! Basketball fans have the opportunity for the next few weeks to watch NBA players care less about the outcome of a game than they do during the regular season! (As I wrote about last March, the only preseason games worth watching are Major League Baseball’s.)

In the midst of baseball playoffs, the NFL’s weekly attempts to cheat the Green Bay Packers out of wins, and whatever is happening in hockey at the moment, sports fans may have overlooked the unveiling one of the best new visual identities in sports—the Brooklyn Nets. And I’m not just saying that because of the photo of the Brooklynettes (Get it? Brooklynettes? Brooklyn Nets?) at the top of this post.

The logo is everything all of those horrendous logos from the 1990s are not. (See the Toronto Raptors, Sacramento Kings, and oh yeah, the New Jersey Nets.) It’s simple, elegant, and iconic. And there are no cartoon dinosaurs. In my opinion, the central B (an homage to the Brooklyn Dodgers B) stands to become one of the most recognizable and marketable symbols in sports.

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Why You Love the Sports You Do

“Why do you like baseball so much? It’s so slow and boring.”

Your Mom is slow and boring

Yeah, yeah.

Every seamhead in the world has gotten this question more than once. We’re not the only fans that have had to defend our sport. Here are some other greatest hits:

“Why do you like hockey? It’s all about fighting.”

“Why do you like football? It’s violent, dangerous, and the players are stupid.”

“Why do you like basketball? The players are all showboats and they just care about their image.”

“Why do you like soccer? There’s no scoring and the players are all flopping primadonnas.”

Well, I’ve got great news.

To answer all your sport’s haters that ask you these questions, I’m about to give you real-life parallels about why these sports are all great.

Except soccer.

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