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Why the NFL does NOT need to expand playoffs

There are 2 definitions of the word “playoff”

  1. A final game or series of games played to break a tie
  2. A series of games played to determine a championship

The 2nd definition is what most sporting fans associate with the end of the regular season.  Not every team makes the playoffs, and there is good reason for that.  The regular season determines the haves and have-nots, and we usually agree with the notion that only the best teams should have a chance to claim the championship.

It would be nice if he at least TRIED to disguise that it's not just about the money

It would be nice if he at least TRIED to disguise that it’s not just about the money

So why would Roger Goodell consider expanding the NFL playoffs?  Money, of course.  More teams = more games = more advertising revenue.  (I would include ticket prices as well, but let’s be honest with ourselves and realize that the majority of the NFL’s revenue comes from advertising.)

But for the sake of argument, let’s see if there another reasonable purpose for adding 2 more teams to each conference in the NFL playoffs. Read More →

Peyton Manning is Great in 2013, but Also Lucky

As Peyton is signaling here, "Let's all calm down for a minute"

As Peyton is signaling here, “Let’s all calm down for a minute”

Yes, this headline is meant to catch your attention, and spark controversy, and I probably will be written off without anyone actually reading this.  But I also don’t know how much more I can take from the media idolizing Peyton after 4 weeks.  So, let me start by pointing out my favorite definition of “Luck” first, provided by the philosopher Seneca:

“Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity”

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I was ten years old when Ray Lewis—a middle linebacker out of the University of Miami (FL) was drafted. He was the second of two first-round draft picks that the Baltimore Ravens had that year. The first was spent on Jonathan Ogden, who is also a lock for the National Football Hall of Fame. I have grown up watching Ray Lewis and this entry is my thanks to him as a fan.

Fast-forwarding 17 years and the news of Ray Lewis retiring caught me a little blind-sided—see what I did there, with the Michael Oher connection? Lewis was not supposed to retire…was he? I mean, I guess I knew he had to retire sometime, but the way he played, kept himself in shape, motivated the team, and provided inspiration for countless other football players I naively thought would be the elixir that kept him young and playing. But, as they say “all good things must come to an end.”

Ray Lewis#52

Ray Lewis

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NFL Playoffs & SWOT Analysis Revisited

Lombardi TrophyOn November 8th, I wrote an NFL mid-season review and playoff prediction based on SWOT analysis.  Let’s see how I did, and then let’s see if I can accurately predict these playoffs in a similar fashion:

I guessed the following teams would make the playoffs after the first 9 weeks: Atlanta, Houston, Chicago, Baltimore, San Francisco, New York Giants, Green Bay, New England, Denver, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, and Seattle.  I missed on the Redskins (finished 7-0), Vikings (finished 5-2), and Bengals (finished 7-1).  So, I got 9-out-of-12 right midway through the season (75%.)  To be honest, I am not sure if that is good or bad.  Some might argue that it’s easy to predict at least 75% of playoff contenders after 8 games, and I don’t really have a basis to argue against that since it was my first time doing it.  But let’s looks at each one, (including the 3 I didn’t give credit to) and see where I was right and wrong.

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NFL Mid-Season Playoff Predictions using SWOT Analysis

Not everyone is worthy… and that’s ok

There are a million predictions for the NFL.  But the NFL is a business, and businesses use SWOT Analysis to determine “Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, & Threats.”  So, instead of another random prediction by another blogger, and numbering them, I’m going to call it SWOT, and focus on the teams who have a chance.  Is it the same damn thing as a prediction and giving it a reason?  Probably, but I need structure in my life…

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