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Trick or Treat — 3 Point Conversion Style

If there’s one movie I like to quote its Top Gun.  Since I can’t think of one that fits here I’ll quote my second favorite movie, Dirty Dancing:  “When I’m wrong.  I say I’m wrong”.  That’s what the dad says to Patrick Swayze, RIP, after he finds out that the Ivy league waiter, not Swayze, was responsible for Penny’s condition.  Anyway, I thought an apology was in order after last week’s embarrassing 0-3 performance in NFL predictions, especially if you put money on the games.  To make up for it this week I’ll not only pick which teams win, but which teams are faking it and which teams are the real deal.


TRICK:  NY Giants – 1st round playoff losers, if they even get that far.

Yes, they beat the Niners in San Fran, but they almost lost to the Redskins and Cowboys in the 4th quarter.  Believers would say they know how to pull out victories.  I say they got lucky twice, once when the Skins left Victor Cruz wide open in the middle of the field and again when Bryant let his fingernail touch out of bounds.  Better to be lucky than good?  Yes.  But, luck runs out.  Giants 23 – Steelers 28.


TREAT: Broncos – Superbowl losers, you play to win the game.

They’ve lost to good teams and beaten the teams they should.  Especially at home.  Peyton looks healthy, if not a 100%, and if Tebow can go 8 and 8 with this team they should easily wrap up home field advantage for the playoffs.  Either way, this team is balling and their schedule only gets easier.  Broncos 31 – Bengals 17.


TRICK: Falcons – playoff losers at home, sound familiar?

Best record in the NFL is more a reflection of Matt Ryan’s development than the overall dominance of the team.  Barely beat the Eagles in the rain even though they scored on 6 straight opening drives.  How good are they?  History tells us they will make the playoffs and then lose, spectacularly.  Falcons 28 – Cowboys 35.


TRICK: Cowboys – beat Falcons at home for first playoff win in nearly 2 decades

The Cowboys suck.  They should bench Romo, fire Garrett and make the other Ryan their head coach.  That’s what some pundits would have you believe. They are literally a fingernail away from controlling their own destiny.  They are too good and Romo is too good to give up now.  After the Giants lose this week and the Cowboys beat the Falcons we’ll all be singing a different tune.  Cowboys 35 – Falcons 28.


TREAT: GB Packers – Superbowl Champions over Broncos, revenge is a dish best served cold.

They are who they say they are.  They’ve given up the most sacks and they have the most sacks.  Rodgers is dominant and the run game is dormant.  That said they are a bad call away from 6-2 and can still win their division.  This game is an important game and you never want to face a playoff caliber team coming off a 4 game losing streak, but no matter the Green and Gold will pull it out.  Pack 38 – Cardinals 17.

Meet The Racist Bruins Fans, Part 1

It’s been a few days now since dozens of people posted racist Twitter comments about the Washington Capitals’ Joel Ward, and while most of these cowardly bigots predictably deleted their Twitter accounts in full retreat, a few folks have decided to keep their accounts active – and simply deleted said offensive Tweets hoping no one would notice.

Well, we did notice. And so did a lot of other people on Twitter.

Here are five of the racist Bruins fans. In an effort to determine if these people were “true Bruins fans” and actual Boston residents, I posed the question – are you a racist Bruins fan from Boston? And since these folks haven’t responded, I’ll have to make my best guesses. Here’s what I came up with.


Ethan Marshall, aka @GrizzlyMarshall

Ethan Marshall

Meet Ethan. He issued the following Tweet after Game 7: “Fucking stupid arrogant, smelly, useless, waste of life, sad excuse for a NHL hockey playing N—–!!!!”

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