Woman steals shoe from kid, is sorry because the internet hates her

Deep in the heart of down-home, small-town, “real” America, a woman named Robyn Ereth is—or at least was—beaming with pride after stealing one of Donald Driver’s shoes from a child. Literally wrestled it away from him after Driver threw it into the stands. Here’s a photo from her Facebook page (which has been shut down):

She’s the one on the left. Robyn posted this photo with this text: “Donald is missing a shoe!!!thx Donald!!!!” She failed to add, “I muscled it away from the child Donald threw it to!!! Thx weak little kid!!!”

Of course, if you watched the video above, you know, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel captured the incident on video, and the internet mob was unleashed. God bless the internet mob. First, a TV reporter from Milwaukee, Jen Lada, tweeted that a “grown-ass woman” had ripped the shoe out of a young boy’s hands. Then Donald Driver himself tweeted that he wanted to know who the boy was, and “I want to get this boy the cleats he deserves!

Then there was this from Tyler Dunne of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Which led to this:

And this:

After this was all over, Donald Driver tweeted, “Let’s remember the woman who grabbed the cleat from Stephen is human. We all make mistakes. Stephen is happy and that’s what matters most!”

To which I respond, yes, Robyn Ereth is human, and she made a mistake, in that she willingly stole something from a child and then cheered about it on social media, so she deserves our scorn.

The happy ending here is that Robyn Ereth did not get away with this. She apologized through the media, then in person, and she returned the shoe to its rightful owner (Stephen Wagner, not Donald Driver). She’s sorry, but only because she was caught on video and the internet mob heaped scorn on her until she was sorry.

Way to go Donald Driver, for making this kid’s day. More importantly, way to go internet mob for once again being a force for good.

  • Crowley

    Donald Driver is a class act. His tweet said it all. Now here is an athlete children should model themselves after. I only have one word for the women who stole the show, Karma.

  • Rob Wright

    Man….people are just awful these days. Good thing we have Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  • Jeremy W. Soule

    Seriously, WTF is wrong with this woman? The video tells the whole story. She pries it out of his hands over a 5-second count. #HorriblePerson

  • Burnsy

    So wrong. Wow.

    I wanna know, do football players usually strip off items of clothing and throw them into the crowd? #TheyDontDoThatinBaseball

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