Meet The Racist Bruins Fans, Part 1

It’s been a few days now since dozens of people posted racist Twitter comments about the Washington Capitals’ Joel Ward, and while most of these cowardly bigots predictably deleted their Twitter accounts in full retreat, a few folks have decided to keep their accounts active – and simply deleted said offensive Tweets hoping no one would notice.

Well, we did notice. And so did a lot of other people on Twitter.

Here are five of the racist Bruins fans. In an effort to determine if these people were “true Bruins fans” and actual Boston residents, I posed the question – are you a racist Bruins fan from Boston? And since these folks haven’t responded, I’ll have to make my best guesses. Here’s what I came up with.


Ethan Marshall, aka @GrizzlyMarshall

Ethan Marshall

Meet Ethan. He issued the following Tweet after Game 7: “Fucking stupid arrogant, smelly, useless, waste of life, sad excuse for a NHL hockey playing N—–!!!!”

It's called a delete button, Ethan.


He has yet to delete this Tweet and has not issued an apology or even responded to the legions of folks on Twitter bashing him – which begs the question, does ole Grizzly even know how to delete a Tweet? Or is he still hung over from last week’s Game 7?

And if it weren’t bad enough to associate himself with (non-racist) Bruins fans and Bostonians, Ethan is wearing a green “Irish” T-shirt in his Twitter profile pic. Yay for the Irish.

Is he a Bruins fan? The “Irish” T-shirt aside, from the looks of Ethan appears to be a hockey fan from his Twitter posts. He only has 13 Tweets, so it’s tough to tell.

Is he from Boston? Unclear. But again, given his T-shirt, his affinity for hockey and the fact that he was Tweeting about a Bruins game, it’s looking pretty likely.

Is he racist? This one’s pretty easy. Just look beyond his Joel Ward comment. On April 10th Ethan retweeted Adolf Hitler – I wish I were making this up – who posted the following:  “How to see if your unborn baby is black: Stick a tampon up there and see if the cotton is picked off.”

Hitler is hands down Ethan's favorite mass-murdering racist.

Now, I’m pretty sure this isn’t the real Hitler (though the Twitter handle is @TrueAdolfHitler). But hey, if you’re going to retweet a cruel, mass-murdering racist, why not swing for the fences, right?


Billy Grossi, aka @BillyG_2

Billy Grossi

Meet Billy. He posted the following comment on Twitter after Game 7: “a fucking n—– scored”


The Internet is forever, Billy.

Billy deleted the Tweet and, in keeping with his chickenshit attitude, has not apologized or even acknowledged the racist Tweet. Rest assured, this isn’t the first time that Billy has used the “N” word in public (see below).

Is he a Bruins fan? Yes. He has Tweeted pretty frequently about the Bruins and other Boston sports team, with the Patriots seemingly as his favorite team. In the ultimate irony, Billy boasts “#TeamBrandonSpikes” in his Twitter profile description. Last time we check, Spikes was black.

Is he from Boston? Not likely. According to Billy’s previous Twitter handle, @BillyG247, Billy is from Warwick, R.I. But he’s a hardcore Boston sports fan, so I say, close enough.

Is he racist? Um, yeah, we’re going to say it’s pretty likely since Billy seems to throw the “N’ word around pretty liberally. Take a look at this Twitpic from Billy’s iPhone to his (white) friend Jon Devito.


RWA: Racists Wit Attitudes


Billy, a word of advice – when you ask Brandon Spikes for an autograph, don’t begin the conversation with “What’s up, my n—–!” It won’t end well.


Adam Buskey, aka @AdamBuskey34

Adam Buskey @Adambuskey34

Meet Adam. He posted the following Tweet after Game 7: “That Dam n—– on the caps #wardblows”


Adam Buskey @adambuskey34

Adam, like other chickenshits, deleted the Tweet and made no apology. And as you can see from his Twitter profile picture, he’s a baseball player (it appears be plays for the Southern New Hampshire Reds AAU team). He’s also part of Red Sox Nation and therefore is intent on doing as much damage to the reputation of Boston sports fans as possible. Which is fantastic.

Is he a Bruins fan? Yes. Along with numerous Tweets about the Sox and seems to be a baseball fan first and foremost, he has quite a few about the Bruins as well.

Is he from Boston? His Twitter profile doesn’t specify, but considering his affiliation with the SNH Reds and the fact that several Twitter followers hail from Sothern N.H., we’re guessing Adam resides in the ‘Shire.

Is he racist? Adam doesn’t have nearly as damning a Twitter history as his fellow Klansmen-in-training, Billy and Ethan. But he did post the following Tweet – “You only live one(sic) that’s the motto nigga #YOLO”*  – so it could go either way. In any event, you could make the argument that white boys using “nigga” in any capacity is a slippery slope.

*For those arguing that there’s a difference between “nigga” and “n—-r” please remember Bostonians drop their Rs.


JR Harding, aka @jrharding96

JR Harding @jrharding96


Meet JR, or Junior depending on your reading of his name. He posted the following Tweet after Game 7:  “I’m still confused how a n—– just scored on tim Thomas”

JR Harding @jrharding96

JR presents an interesting case. He deleted his Tweet, but he acknowledged it was a bad decision and apologized – sort of. He followed up his choice Tweet with this pearl of wisdom: “If it looked like I was trying racists I wasnt. Black people are nasty at every other sport except hockey.”

I don’t even know where to begin with that one. There were multiple “I’m not racist, really, sorry if you were offended” type Tweets as well, culminating with the now famous Tweet (at least at BTBNL) from my post the other day.

JR Harding @jrharding96

So he gets points for facing the music, but loses points for not knowing what a proper apology is.

Is he a Bruins fan? Absolutely. In fact, JR is probably one of the biggest Bruins fans on my Vendetta list. Lots of Tweets about Boston’s hockey team in his timeline. And his Twitter profile pic was a Bruins logo (he recently changed it).

Is he from Boston? His Twitter account doesn’t say, but I have a hard time believing that someone can be this much of a hardcore Bruins fan and not live in the area. Plus, it appears JR watched all of the Bruins-Capitals series, which would be a hard thing without NESN.

Is he racist? This one is murky. On one hand, a true racist would have probably just deleted the Tweet and ignored the Twitter fallout. Instead, JR chose to open a dialogue with the world about the merits of black hockey players, which supports the notion that he’s just really, really dumb and incredibly ignorant. On the other, hands JR Tweeted this earlier in the month:  “I’m tired of niggers, you can’t have shit around them. You can’t have a nice shit in your house cause they’ll bust in and steal #ChrisRock”

I’m pretty sure that’s not how Chris Rock wanted that joke recounted.


Kelsey Small, aka @KelseySmall27

Kelsey Small @kelseysmall27

Meet Kelsey. I saved her for last because she’s female and because of the content of her Tweet. While much of the uproar about racist Bruins fans have feature post-Game 7 Tweet with the “N” word, I wanted to shine a light on those that didn’t – but were still offensive. Kelsey posted this following Game 7: “they only won because black people can run fast……. #fuckthecapitals”

Kelsey Small

The Tweet has since been deleted, but not before being retweeted by three of her friends. Awesome.

Is she a Bruins fan? 100 percent. Her timeline is full of Bruins Tweets. Plus, it’s hard to argue with this picture.

Is she from Boston? Kelsey’s a big Bruins fan who watches all the playoffs games, and given her affinity for regional chain Marylou’s Coffee, she most likely resides in the state.

Is she racist? You can argue the Tweet was just a really poor attempt at humor and posted without hate or malice. Plus I have a hard time believing that anyone who smokes as much weed as Kelsey apparently does can be as bent-of-out-shape racist as some of the other guys on this list. But I scanned her timeline and found this gem – still live, un-deleted, and retweeted by FOUR of her friends — and now all bets are off:

Kelsey Small
Hitler? AGAIN?!?!?!?!?!


My first reaction was “Oh shit, Hitler was an Aires too?”  quickly followed by “How does a high school student get away with Tweeting  a swastika?” And then I remembered.

I live in Boston.


Editor’s Note: those are the first five racists corralled by the Non-Racist Bruins Fans Vendetta Ride. There will be more to come. Racist Bruins fans, you’ve been warned. We are BTBNL.

Expect us.


  • Jeremy W. Soule

    You know what the best part about all this is?

    These guys thought this sh*t was over.

    • Rob Wright

      Oh indeed.

  • ALAN Dotson

    Sadly I am sure these poor wastes of ectoplasm and calcium deposits echo the steady diet of white bread diets they have been fed and surround themselves with on a daily basis.

    While its safe to say the next Jonas Salk, Mother Theresa, or Madam Curie won’t be found among them doesn’t bother anybody else that our society is filled with a lot more these Venom spewing wastoids that build no roads to mankind and can’t deal with a loss in a crappy hockey game. By the way if people were really taught to think, analyze, and extrapolate data from the wider world around us they would have figured out that people of sub-saharan African descent ave been playing Hockey in Canada and North America for a long time. I think the word is assimilation. But real thought is a contact sport and millions of cupcakes around us don’t want to risk the brain freeze.

  • Jeremy W. Soule

    The saddest thing is that racism is taught, and these people are fairly young. Hence, Rob’s theory that there is still something very wrong with Boston, in a generation we may not have expected.

  • Anon

    “And as you can see from his Twitter profile picture, he’s part of Red Sox Nation and therefore is intent on doing as much damage to the reputation of Boston sports fans as possible”

    The shirt in his profile picture says Reds…

    • Rob Wright

      Indeed it does. Correcting now.

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