• budmcbuddy

    You’re a gigantic ass. I hope you choke on your pony shit.

    • Paul Caputo

      Ass? Way to roll with the equine theme, budmcbuddy. Touché!

    • Al Langlois

      As budmcbuddy has so helpfully pointed out, you just replaced one deadly object with another. That unicorn is a cold blooded killer, Paul, and I don’t think it is appropriate to include such a potentially fecally-fatal object on an MLB uniform. Shame on you.

    • Jeff Waggett

      This is amazing. We had planned to give our first comment troll a complete collector’s edition 25th anniversary set of My Little Pony figurines. YOU WON!

      I, for one, am glad our first BTBNL Reader Prize will be going to such a worthy and appreciative home.

  • I have just one word on your new logo design. Awesome.
    No wait, I meant cutesy.

  • Andrew Lee

    I have to say that it makes a helluva malt liquor logo, too. I look forward to the Billy Dee Williams/My Little Pony ad campaign to come.

  • “But I am also a person who recognizes that there are people in the world who have some terrible associations with guns”

    There are people in the world who have some terrible associations with knives, fire, beer, or stylized American Indians. Should the set of possible sports teams logos be limited to the set of items “no people in the world have terrible associations with”?

    Now, I’m not going to say they’re “desecrating” this logo, because it’s a sports logo and fundamentally I don’t give a shit, but the gun (and the smoke streamer from the muzzle that forms the ‘C’ in ‘Colt’) is a pretty central part of the logo, so if you’ve got such a Spielbergian aversion to a particular variety of inert object that you don’t even want to visually refer to it, you’re better off not using the logo at all, rather than Bowdlerizing such an essential visual element of it.

    Also, guns are awesome.

    • Phil Broder

      Right, cuz if we’re gonna get all PC then we’d better eliminate the Sharks, Lions, Tigers, Gators, Patriots (don’t want to offend the British), Diamondbacks, Rays (Steve Irwin fans cringe whenever Tampa plays, no doubt), Jaguars, Panthers, Bears, Grizzlies, Bengals….

      My sweet and fluffy lord, if we do’t get over the whole “negative connotation” thing, then nearly every team will have to change their name to something all milquetoast and namby-pamby like “Phillies.”

  • Also, am I the only one who remembers the USFL? The San Antonio Gunslingers featured not one, but *two* guns on their logo.

    I guess the awful visual impact was lessened by association with the cartoon cowboy who was wielding them, and thus no trigger alert was necessary. But still, this is even the same *state*.

    • Paul Caputo

      How could anyone forget the USFL and the back-to-back champion Philadelphia Stars in 1984 and 1985?

  • Snidely

    This reminds me of a classic DC joke — The Washington Bullets were considering a name change because they felt that their name associated the team in a negative way with gun violence. So to improve their image, they will be known simply as the Bullets.

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