One Despicable Moment: Rae Carruth

Posted by Bloggers To Be Named Later on April 03, 2012
Most Despicable Person in Sports

Congratulations to Rae Carruth of Nash Correctional Institution in North Carolina, the winner of our Most Despicable Person in Sports tournament. In a field of 64 truly awful people, Rae Carruth’s crime of having a woman who was eight months pregnant with his own child murdered stood out. En route to the title, he defeated Bob Knight (96%-4%), Ndamukong Suh (100%-0%, the only shut-out in the tournament’s 63 match-ups), Average Philly Sports Fan (82%-18%), Tonya Harding (88%-12%), Joey Barton (79%-21%), and OJ Simpson (69%-31%).

Next year, let’s do something different, because this was depressing.

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