Spring Training Video: Diamondbacks prospect Charles Brewer will be great

Arizona Diamondbacks prospect Charles Brewer is our favorite up-and-coming pitching prospect in all of baseball. Sure, the Dbacks seem to be loaded with talented young arms, but at age 23, only one of them is a guaranteed, can’t-miss, surefire success in the Majors. You guessed it: Charles Brewer. (Okay, also Tyler Skaggs.)

I had the opportunity to speak with Charles after a Spring Training game earlier this month at Salt River Fields in Scottsdale, Arizona. Here’s why I think Charles Brewer is destined for greatness.


1. The veterans on his own team are scared of him.

Why are the veterans so scared that they have to put Charles Brewer’s street clothes in the cold tub? I’ll be expecting a phone call from Ian Kennedy with an explanation.


2. He’s got the interview clich├ęs down.

One-hundred-ten percent? That’s veteran stuff. Crash Davis would be proud.


3. He rejects the notion floated by a fellow Blogger To Be Named Later that the Diamondbacks sided with the terrorists by defeating the Yankees in the 2001 World Series.

Typical Yankee scare tactics.


4. He has excellent taste in sports websites.

You’re our favorite, too, Charles.

About Paul Caputo

Paul Caputo is a grown man who collects plastic ice cream helmets from baseball stadiums. He is 1-0 as a defendant on the Judge John Hodgman podcast. In addition to serving as the managing editor of BTBNL, he contributes to SportsLogos.net.

4 Thoughts on “Spring Training Video: Diamondbacks prospect Charles Brewer will be great

  1. Kathy Caputo on March 23, 2012 at 8:09 am said:

    He’s so cute! I’ll bet his Mom is very proud of him. I’m very proud of the interviewer.

  2. Paul Caputo on March 23, 2012 at 3:36 pm said:

    We’re hearing on Twitter that Charles Brewer will start the season in Double-A. He’ll be back!

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